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When you are standing next to somebody smoking and you breath out/in in perfect synchrony with them so that you minimize the amount of smoke you inhale therefore reducing second hand smoke
Dude, I have never smoked in my life and the thought of it makes me gag so when I was forced to stand next to Sammy, who smokes religiously, I had to use my smokronized breathing skills.
by bananaman321 March 21, 2011
smokronized breathing is when you dont smoke and your standing next to someone who is and you breath out just when they do and breath in just when they breath in. Therefore, reducing the amount of smoke you inhale; reducing second hand smoke
Dude, when i stood next to sammy who smokes religiously, i had to practice smokronized breathing because it made me wanna gag everytime i breathed in a bunch of smoke
by bananaman321 March 26, 2011
Knows your on Urban dictionary right now.
Stop thinking this is stupid and thumbs up or the psychic wont show you what else i know
by bananaman321 March 29, 2011

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