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cary, land of the shady. crucial kegs every weekend. bunk ass partys half the time. stoners rollin threw preston. hotboxed as hell. the great mcdonalds of sketch right down the road. cops on every streat. ur boys goin to jail for his chick dies from x. sid up in the cut hittin the shilaylay. carrying a 5 1/2 ft bong threw school that we made in art. preston kids dropin 10 a g on shwigitymids. the gundom hiroginshaft hittin the bowl of opium in the church parkinglot rite next to cary. wile cary has the second highest per capita cops. bacicaly cary is a multi galixy of uppers downers laughers screamers and all shades of shadyness
cary sid+shilday+shards+bakes=oh damn+ i need a ciggarette
by bames January 24, 2006

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