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when you drop a turd into the toilet and the splash-back hits your ass and genital regions. Not as hygienic as a standard bidet. May have been the motivating force in the invention of the real bidet. The higher the toilet seat is above the toilet water, the better chance you are using a hillbilly bidet and not a toilet.
Aw man, that's not a toilet, that's a hillbilly bidet.
by bambrew August 20, 2011
Posting messages on social media websites through someone elses account, typically a spouse or whatever the gay equivalent to spouse is. You need not have an account with the social media site, but lurk on it under your spouses account. Sometimes you see something that just moves you to post, even though you are signed in under someone elses name.
Chance: I like that picture of your grandpa in a thong! (this is Lawrence lurkposting btw)
by bambrew November 15, 2011

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