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3 definitions by bambeana

To get into the mindframe where you are creating and making STUFF! Also can be used when telling a friend to just chill out and not overanylyse a situation
You just forget about that guy and ice yo'self

Come around to mine,I got paint and canvas. We can get iced.

by bambeana October 30, 2007
To inspire,create and express yourself in a way that is like Bambi or Bean.
Also can be used to describe a form of dressing.
The Big Fulla is wearing me down. I feel like bambeanin' it.

You are bambeanin' it today
by bambeana October 30, 2007
To get drunk on your lunch break with Passion Pop.
I saw your girl down at the plaza after lunch,she was popped!

by bambeana October 30, 2007