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Dialect in the Philippines - mainly a mixture of malayo-polynesian language with a twist of spanish.
Important Terms:
Anak ka ng puta/ Putang ina mo - son of a bitch
salsal - to masturbate
pokpok - whore
beho - of chinese origin/ basically means smelly
Whee! I know ow to speak Tagalog! Whee!
by bamb00 May 10, 2005
A country in Asia where elephants are considered humans.
My wife is a thai elephant!
by bamb00 May 10, 2005
a country in south east asia where people are chinese and asian? wait chinese is asian! its people aren't attractive at all cuz theres no mixture of ethnicity just plain malays and chines, yea! that means no american, spanish, european blood if ever there is it's less than .01% basically, another asian country that suck!
Where is malaysia?

malaysia is very --- i dunno?

malaysia? No!
by bamb00 May 10, 2005

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