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3 definitions by ballerino

when you're not really fat, but you're fat for a classically trained dancer.
person 1: damn, i shouldn't have had that pizza.... i'm so obese. and i have to perform on thursday!
person 2: you're not obese!
person 1: you're right; i'm just dancer fat.
by ballerino July 04, 2010
20 1
acronym for calm your ass down
person 1: dude, we're going to miss the bus!
person 2: you def need to cyad... there's going to be another in 10 minutes.
by ballerino June 28, 2010
14 0
to deny or refute a rumor through twitter. first coined on the What the Buck show.
rebecca black tweetnyed the pregnancy rumors.
by ballerino May 17, 2011
3 0