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Baller Status is defined as having reached a superlative level of ballerdom, it is said one has acheived baller status. This often goes hand in hand with early retirement & being a man of leisure (or lady of leisure). It can often devolve into a world of dinner whores & golddiggers if the baller has a weak pimp hand. Many of these types can be found on dating sites such as wealthy-men & webdate, where it is easier to hide one's monetary worth and circumnavigate wanna-be-women-of-leisure. Many of your are asking how does one declare oneself a baller? Do I just go down to my local courthouse & fill out a form to obtain "Baller" status without anything snazzy? Is it more of just a transformation over time from non-baller to being a baller? Or is it more of a secret society you needed to be invited to? Are there any tax benefits? The answer is Yes. Originally, one would be knighted by a man of great status, far away from the local courthouse. Snazziness came with being a baller; if it was a secret society, your wouldn't know it existed unless you were a baller. There were no direct tax benefits, but indirectly most ballers were often tax evaders. The modern baller is much more relaxed, & it clearly is no longer a secret society if we know ballers exist...But seriously, if you have to ask, you're not a baller. Baller Brand is a way to share the clothing style of ballers with everyone. ballerbrandclothingcompany.bigcartel.com
justin flores does not party using a party bus when he goes out... but joe and andrew do...so by default they are men of baller status
by ballerbrandclothingcompany March 10, 2011
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