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someone that acts like an emo. they do everythintg that an emo would do! they dress like em, talk like em, listen to the same music, have same hair! they do everything the same except the whole slicing the wrists part!

emo=emo and the p =poser making an emo poser
That e-mop isn't very smart.
by baller485 July 09, 2006
a word i created. e-mop means a mix between a poser and a emo. this type of person does everything an emo would do. listen to their music, dress like them, think like them and everything. the only difference is that they do not cut their wrists making them not emo. making them posers so there e-mops! i would much rather see emops then emos though...
An e -mop is a very stupid person.
by baller485 June 09, 2006

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