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The thirteenth month of the year, characterized in North America by cold weather and snow.

For other unusual months, see Febtober.
Marge: voiceover: It all started on the thirteenth hour, of the thirteenth day, of the thirteenth month. We were at Sprinfield Elementary to discuss the misprinted calendars the school had purchased.
Homer: shivering, looking at the calendar Oh, lousy Smarch weather.
by Baller-Ass Nigga November 02, 2004
(1) Yeah
(2) Uh
(3) What
(4) Haha
Sample from any Will Smith rap:

"uh.. uh... yeah yeah yeah yeah... what what... haha haha!"
by Baller-Ass Nigga March 01, 2005
A Rolex, a type of expensive watch.
"I got the Rolly on my arm..." -Snoop Dogg
by Baller-Ass Nigga October 08, 2004
The act of performing fellatio on one's self.
by Baller-Ass Nigga July 09, 2003
Wine brewed by prison inmates and chilled in a cell commode
I drank a gang of pruno, but I still couldn't get drunk enough to want to get sodomized by my cellmate.
by Baller-Ass Nigga July 09, 2003
A pattern of semen deposited on the body (especially a featureless, fairly flat part of the body, like the back or stomach) of a sex partner. Named because the drops of semen appear in a chain like the Hawaiian islands.
After I got done plowing your mother in the ass, I was ready to cum, so I pulled my dick out and gave her a map of Hawaii on her back.
by Baller-Ass Nigga July 07, 2003
Someone who is half-black, half American Indian.
by Baller-Ass Nigga July 07, 2003

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