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A sub-culture of contemporay persons who live, work and play in an "urban village" area of a city's core, placing a high value on being a part of a "walkable" community. They typically have an optimistic, environmentally conscious, open-minded outlook on life and place an emphasis on organic and natural living.

Characteristics include: active, time-poor, city-proud, media-literate, brand-centric, trend-sensitive, culturally-aware. Urbanolas are enjoy being at the hub of a large, localized, like-minded, social network consisting of those that expect to live a meaningful, responsible, consumer-centric, experience-rich urban life.
Urbanola's enjoy pet-friendly outdoor cafes, farmers markets, greenspaces, liquid brunches, Sunday-Funday, picnics in the park, art festivals, walking/biking to shopping/dining.
by balderdash nonsense May 12, 2009

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