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Descriptive of a particularly capacious and scruffy fanny with a seemingly endless supply of batter.
My chances of getting a grip on her blart are slim. I may have to throw in a bag of road salt, she has a fanny like a bill poster's bucket!
by balconybelly November 11, 2011
Believed to be an old english word to describe a cock jockey, arse bandit, men who are surprisingly good with colours etc.
I say Dr Ballinger, I'll wager that gentlman is of the polefancy persuasion.

Well I'll be bound Collins, are you suggesting he is a shit stabber?
by balconybelly November 11, 2011
The arsehole. Sometimes known as the chocolate whizzwang.
Now that we are married Camilla, would it be possible to take one up the whizzwang?
by balconybelly November 11, 2011
Arsehole. If you're not familiar with shakeproof washers, take a look at the tow ball on your car where it attaches to the towing bracket. You will see two large bolts fitted with what looks suspiciously like a human sphyncter.
Nigel, I think a trip to casualty may be in order as my shakeproof washer seems to have an inhuman grip on your spam javelin.
by balconybelly November 11, 2011
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