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3 definitions by baklava

taken from the zero wing dialect (see all your base are belong to us). stands for you know what you are doing, or we're counting on you. Usually achieved by launching all zig for great justice, when we have no chance to survive and are making our time.
"I know what im doing!"
"you know what you doing! launch all zig, for great justice!"
by baklava March 14, 2004
Leetspeak for Ownz'd, which means Owned, or completely dominated in a videogame.
Generally used when an expert anihilates a n00b
Dude, I got so pwnz'd in that new videogame. Stupid n00b skillz
by baklava May 24, 2004
Engrish for "somebody detonated bombs all around us!"
what happen?
somebody set up us the bomb!
by baklava March 16, 2004