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A term to describe english people
Get those tea drinking, fog breathing pricks outta our bar!
by bakedfosho April 22, 2004
When you cruise around in a car and yell obscenities at strangers walking down the street. You know you have given a successful car bastard when your victim stutters or gives a dumbfounded look
All summer long, we go out car bastarding almost every night.
by bakedfosho April 23, 2004
When you are quite blazed after smoking behind a nearby school and it starts raining. And on your walk home it gets windy and more rain comes down and you freak out and think its a hurricane and you run almost blindly across a street and almost get hit by a car or 3.
Holy sh!t guys its hurricaning out....RUN!!!!
by bakedfosho April 22, 2004
A really interesting article of clothing, it surpasses anything you have ever worn. It is a combination of a simple everyday coat, and a jacket.
Grab your jaot, its hurricaning out.

The weather fella said it'll be typhooning later today, make sure you bring your jaot.
by bakedfosho April 22, 2004
Another way of calling some one wierd, but adding in the fact that they are creepy also.
Stop looking at me like that you odreiw!
by bakedfosho May 03, 2004
1.)You are given this title once you have somewhat mastered the art of car bastarding

2.) A noun referring to a great phrase thrown at someone walking down a street
You have become a great car bastard.

Niice, that was a bombshizdiggity car bastard.
by bakedfosho April 23, 2004
When you masturbate to loud club music in public
That guy over there was pipsetting on the bus stop
by bakedfosho April 23, 2004
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