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shit-talking woman. female gossiper.
rosalita es una pinche chismosa.
rosalita is a fucking shit-talker.
by baked alaska March 22, 2005
1. A mound of flavorful iced cream nestled on sponge cake, surrounded by meringue, and baked at 500 degrees farenheit.
Jew hearts making baked alaska.
by baked alaska March 22, 2005
1."Chatting online with hot babes all day" ala Kip of Napoleon Dynamite fame
I have been kippin with Jew for like 10 hours.
by baked alaska March 22, 2005
A woman who is larger than her male bedfellow.
Angie thinks she is a gigantor because we have difficulty spooning on a twin-sized bed.
by baked alaska March 28, 2005

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