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a country in central america that not many people have heard about. it is by El salvador and nicaragua.it is a place were the most cutiest most sexyest girls come from! hondurian women look better then brazilians even. most people say that brazilians are the most sexiest or italians are, but honduras got them beat, shit even the uglyest hondurian chick is alot more sexier then our hottest women in the united states,brazil,france,italy,venezuela,england,philippines etc. the women of honduras can make even the bravest of men quiver in shyness because of there tremendous beauty.
I am not hondurian but shit why are they the most sexiest race of girls on the planet??? there a small country and they manage to have such cute chicks, man even the fat hondurian chicks are hot

honduras= eyecandy
if you have bonner troble or erectile disfunction go to honduras, and your bonner will never go away! an i mean never!
by baka kuso yaro April 04, 2011
a show about some big fat ugly guys,a bald dude that looks like a walrus an a fat chick who are all barrio trash, repoing people's car, the intro starts off with funny trupet music.
Sonia Pizarro is one of the fastest persons on operation Repo
by baka kuso yaro April 08, 2011
Perez Hilton (Mario Lavandeira),Cuban american , blogger/ celeberty, he is a homosexual who refers himself as a queen. he blogs about gossip and about stardum and his life. he is annyoing and obnauxious. He discualified Miss California for saying that she dosent agree with gay marriage.in another insident he got punched by Will IAM's body guard for pestering Will IAM from black eye peas. he also guest stared in nicolodian's victorious show with victoria justice.
Perez Hilton is a duce and a prick and he is a disgrace to us cubans everywere
Perez Hilton= prick,ass hole jerk, anoying
by baka kuso yaro March 18, 2011
A hermaphrodite(heshe), who is a freak. she wears wierd clothing,shitty wigs and a crap load of dollar store makeup. she once wore a dress made out of raw meat!(what a wierdo!) she sounds terrible and has to put special effects on her voice to make it sound less horrid. she has had a number of sex changes to be come a lady but still looks some what like Owen Wilsona in a dress with a bleached wig and dollar store makeup. her name also sounds like caca which means shit
person 1:oh my gawd! its lady gaga!
person 2: did you just say lady caca! hahaha
by baka kuso yaro April 08, 2011
a teen actress who is a disney star. she is 18 and looks like shes fucken 12.
selena gomez has a baby face big time
by baka kuso yaro April 08, 2011
the president of venezuela, he is long time lover of cuba's comunist president Fidel Castro. Hugo Chavez is a dum ass communist dictator like Mumar Ghadafi,Fidel castro,Kim Jong Il,Hu jintao,Hadaki togo,Adolf Hitler, Fransisco franco,Robert Magabe to name a few. He is ugly an resembles a fat Tapir in a suit.
Hugo chavez and Fidel Castro take turns sucking on eachother's pingas
by baka kuso yaro April 08, 2011
a hispanic girl usualy in highschool or college, working at mcdonalds, giving you a bitchy additude and screws up peoples orders on purpose , and gives smart ass remarks to people so she can get fired. Mc donald's sluts tipicaly have names, like maria,Monica,Earica,Veronica, stephonie, Lupe,nancy or juana etc.
Ceaser: "ey vato lets go to mcDonalds an get us some nuggets

Carlos : "gyea niggah i am down for that shit"

pulls into drive in

Mc donald's slut wile chewing gum: " welcome to mcdonalds what chu want? i dont got all day!"

Ceasar: "hey pinche pendejo isn't that your sister Monica?"

Calos: "naw thats my ex! fuck dis shit lets go to Burger king"
by baka kuso yaro October 03, 2011

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