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When someone is immune to using the letter "g" in their away messages, facebook comments, etc. (ie showerin off, eatin dinner, bikin), this exclamation is used between to outside parties to express mockery towards their dorkiness. There is a corresponding handshake, in which the outside parties slap their palms together, then the front of their hand, followed by a snap, at which time they exclaim, "G!"
howard: sorry i couldn't talk last night. i was talkin on the phone with stefi.

emily and simone: (handshake) G!
by baja fresh December 03, 2007
an abbreviation for the "awkward turtle," a sign language way to indicate that something is awkward. It is done by placing one hand over the other, palms facing down, and rotating both thumbs in repeated circles.
simone: i love you. i've always loved you. i know you have a girlfriend but i had to let you know how i feel in order to get over you.

travis: (smiles awkwardly and passes the silence over with an awk turt)
by baja fresh October 14, 2007
someone who is a bad influence
damn no wonder her parents hate you. with all your tattoos and piercings and shit, youre a total unfluence on her
by baja fresh January 06, 2008
a synonym for the word "awkward." droit is an abbreviation of the word "maladroit," a more harvard way of saying somethings awkward.
Simone: damn i was drunk dialing last night and i told jacob i knew he loved me and he denied it like a fucking pussy. then today he tried to talk to me about it and i had to pretend i had no idea what he was talking about.

Crystal: shit girl that must have been so droit!
by baja fresh October 14, 2007

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