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n. A male who likes to go and workout at the gym and subsequently puts on a lot of upper body bulk, however, this is at great expense of his lower body and legs which results in greatly disproportionate body development. The individual is left with massive upper body size but spindly legs.

The reference to a 'Give Way Sign' is drawn from a common traffic sign, which takes the form of 'Give Way Sign' as an inverted isosceles triangle (with the apex point facing down and the two other points on top) which sits on a very thin yellow pole.

Pictographically speaking, the two points on top represent each of his shoulders and lat muscles, but then thin out towards the apex and the thin yellow supporting pole which represent his thin legs. hence his bodily appearance being similar to that of a 'Give Way Sign'.
'Shit dave, that dudes huge!'

'Pfft, look at his legs though, total Give Way Sign.'
by baisiwen June 15, 2009
noun. A psuedonym and acronym for the Central Intelligence Agency, or C.I.A., of the United States.

'Cunts' being a reference to their nefarious nature of subverting global affairs for both their own and related benefactors' interests.

'Armani' being a reference to the brand of the suit of choice that many of their employees and agents prefer to wear on the job. However, it is also acknowledged that 'Brooks Brothers' is perhaps the most commonly worn suit brand.
"Hey Frank, do you see that there was another revolution in Latin America yesterday?"

"Yeh, sounds like the Cunts In Armani are at it behind the scenes again."
by baisiwen June 15, 2009

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