10 definitions by bahrainz

(n) person who is hired to do one job but ends up doing whatever task needs to be done.
Go ask the neebedone to make some coffee.
by bahrainz January 02, 2004
1. An expression used to justify an opinion or to qualify a statement. Often used to add validity to one's remark and to encourage others to express their agreement.

2. An abbreviation for "I am saying" or "I believe this to be true" or "Do you agree with my opinion?"
a: pink is the new green!

b: oh yeah?

a: sayin.
by bahrainz September 26, 2004
Of or pertaining to a condition less than satisfactory; commmonly used to describe the condition of ancient remnants of food found at the very back of the refrigerator. Origin unknown, first used by neanderthals to describe aged venison.
Yikes! That cottage cheese is totally funkadelic!
by bahrainz February 09, 2000

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