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1 definition by bahamian soldier

A beautiful chain of caribbean islands off the coast of southeast Florida. I've never been there, but my entire grandfather's family is from The Bahamas And Puerto Rico. The Bahamas a.k.a "The Commonwealth Of The Bahamas," has a population of about 260,000 people, bahamian people speak english and some speak Creole. Suprisingly, 85% of all the bahamian population is black. The capital of The Bahamas is Nassau. 32% of the people are Baptist, 20% are Anglican, 19% are Roman Catholic, 12% are Protestant, 6% are Methodist, 6% are Church of God, and 5% other.
Credits to www.dictionary.com for this information. Love You My Grandfather, Melbourne M. Treco Jr, 1936-2002, R.I.P
by bahamian soldier July 12, 2005