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15 definitions by bahamaboy

Slut - meaning if you inverted a porcupine, there would be a lot sticking in as opposed to sticking out - see Pin Cushion
That broad is a total inverted porcupine...
by BahamaBoy June 08, 2005
Act of sticking one or more fingers in a woman's pussy or ass while fucking them in order to make it tighter
So I am clipping this slut from the club and do some shimming because that pussy was so well worn...

Could not believe it - put my dick in her ass and she didn't even blink - had to do some shimming to get her to squeal...
by BahamaBoy June 08, 2005
To not fully fuck the woman to her satisfaction but well enough/long enough to get off yourself - i.e. not give her the whole penis or only fuck her for a short period of time
She pissed me off but I was horny so I short-stroked her...

Dude - I totally rationed out that cock - short-stroked her this time and if she is nice, I'll give her a little more next time...
by BahamaBoy June 08, 2005
The annoying situation where a woman attempting to suck cock with no skills "dabbles" at the cock - i.e. barely puts the tip in her mouth or barely licks it. The only solution to this is to either fwap her on the forehead, or simply pull her up and fuck her
This useless bitch has been dabbling for 10 minutes - either suck it or your will be fwapd and fucked immediately...
by BahamaBoy June 08, 2005
The nasty, sticky substance dug out from under toenails and sometimes fingernails
I took the knife, cleaned out the toe gunther and spread it on a Ritz for a snack...
by BahamaBoy June 08, 2005
Extremely puffy, fat, distended pussy lips the "hang-down" - best viewed from behind when the girl is standing in heels with her legs apart - also nicely fills up tight shorts, panties and often falls out the side of thongs and T-Bars...
So she is standing in front of me and I could not belive her hang-down ...

Man - she must have a lot of hang-down given the bulge in those panties ...

Oops! a little too much hang-down going on there - fell out the side of her thong bathing suit...
by BahamaBoy June 08, 2005
1. Clip = To have sex with
2. Clipped = past tense
3. Clippage - the wake of women in your past
1. Should I clip this broad?
2. Yeah - I clipped her
3. The clippage from the last trip to Vegas is catching up to me
by BahamaBoy June 08, 2005