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The insult upon insults for all females. Used to describe the most frustrating, obnoxious, life-assaulting trollbitch you know, who gets in the way of anything bringing joy to anyone. A fun-sucker. They may also be obscenely ugly, flabby, and reek of cust in its most grotesque and primitive form. Use this word sparingly, and only to describe the bitchiest of life-rapers.
Tracy: Hey, where were you last night? You missed prom!

Jackie: Sorry, I tried to make it but my mom spewed ignorance all over my life and chased my date away from the house then set my dress aflame with her troll powers. Ughh.

Tracy: Well, damn... What a hoesbeast!
by bahalaugh October 16, 2011
A phrase uttered to ward off people who are needlessly angering, upseting, or annoying you... sometimes even going out of the way to do so. A different way to warn people that they're on thin ice, or that a joke is going too far.
John, eating pancakes: Ughh, these are terrible...

Macy: I'm sorry I tried not to burn them this time...

John, laughing: The syrup isn't even seeping in!

Macy: Hey, you never cook so don't complain!

John, still giggling, takes another bite and makes a gagging sound

Macy: Hey, don't poke the bear!
by bahalaugh January 23, 2011
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