10 definitions by baha

A yello, leggless rabbit. Commonly seen in the Mana series by Square Soft/Enix.
Rabites are the weakest monster.
by Baha May 15, 2005
When uttered in The Demented Cartoon Movie, this word causes one to lose his or her head.
"Blah!" *head explodes* - Demented Cartoon Movie
by Baha May 15, 2005
One of the most coolest game on the Sega Genesis. The fastest hedgehog out there, is blue. Now, Sonic is one of the biggest sell outs now, none of the games are completely how they used to be, though the same reason (Kind of like Mario games). Used to have an old cartoon show but now has a new show on Fox (Forget what the morning block is called), new show = shit, new games = shit.
Sonic was cool, but now he's not.
by Baha May 15, 2005

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