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A yellow fruit that is known to dance and sing about peanutbutter and jelly.
"It's peanutbutter jelly time!"
by Baha October 01, 2004
The Prince of Fucking Darkness
I'm Ozzy Osbourne, the Prince of F@#king Darkness!
by Baha September 30, 2004
November 15th 1999, Neopets begins as a harmless little site where you raised you pets and the site was clean of anything bad. The staff cared about the users and so one. Now Neopets isn't such a safe place now on the internet. The entire staff has set up the site and rules almost similar to a communist nation. And the owner's corruption and greed will lead to the site's destruction.

First off, Neopets has many rules. Some keeps the site clean, while others tear it apart. One of the rules is do not discuss religion or political veiws on the site. Now if I'm not mistaken, a thing about communism was sensorship. Not only are you not allowed to talk religion/polotics, but certtain words posted can easily get you warned or iced. When you get warned it's by theneopetsteam (The sites secret police). The warning of course is an automatic thing which is corruted now, so you don't even need to say something wrong. You can get warned for posting "Hilary Duff looks like a Yurble".

Second, the site also freezes you if they talk bad about them or TNT (short for theneopetsteam). They have changed the site, making it almost equal for every user. Though sometimes it's not fair. Like when the staff got rid off glowing and shadow fonts. When they did that (Because others using different browses couldn't see) it upseted a lot of people, but a few days later, they have a new option that lets you disable fonts, making a user see normal black fonts. This isn't fair to those that had a nice font because the staff could have done that and keep the glow/shadow fonts.

Third, going back to TNT andunfair rules. Basicly TNT is the secret police of the site. You break a rule you get iced/warned, but there are loop holes in the site rules that people abuse (Like me) and then those who follow the rules and stuff were known to be iced. The term "iced" is what happens when your account is disabled. If you are iced, you can never be defrosted unless you are friends with the staff members. In fact, about 25% of iced accounts are people who done nothing wrong, but the automatic monitors (TNT) also uses loop holes and freeze you. This has been done so much that some people make new accounts and add on to the counter (The ammount of users on the site, frozen and active). More accounts filling the counter, the more the staff gets paid by sponsers. And the make the matter of using your time to on the site to pretty much give money to some lazy bastard, TNT has created a number of "hidden rules" these rules aren't shown in the Neorules, but are used as an excuse for giving out warnings or freezing people. A.so with the hidden rules and loops in the systems TNT will most likely give you a false warning (One time I got warned for "spamming" ,something I've never done) for giving advice or something like rating a picture (By the way, there is no rule against that).

And something everyone should know, reasons Neopets is similar to a communist nation. Most things on the site were made to make things equal. This includes:

Item codes: You buy an item and you not only haggle, but you must type in a code too
Avatars: Some avatars are easy for all to get, while others aren't
Pets: Everyone gets the equal maximum pets you can keep (Max: 4), but the owner has five
Items: Due to avatars, items are raised at a high price now, making only those who have played the site from the begining get them

So there you have it, the secret of Neopets (it may be confusing though)
The staff for Neopets are commies!
by Baha October 08, 2004
School lunch for a majority of the time is bad. Most meat (Hamburgers, ribs, meatloaf) is made out of 70% rubber and 30% meat. You also have a pick or milk, which isn't very much. School lunch can also be pretty costly.
Fuggin hell, this burger taste like rubber. Crappy school lunch...
by Baha October 04, 2004
A mint of some sort that grants you to get away with any little crime. (As shown in most of it's ads)
Me: *ran the speed limit, was pulled over*
Cops: Do you know why I pulled you over?
Me: No...*pulls out a Mentos and smiles*
by Baha October 30, 2004
The new "Kidz Bop" craze thing. This time, it's non talented kids singing to songs about Jesus and worshipping. Just as crappy as the Kidz Bop kids.
"Kidz Bop and Worship Jamz are bought by soccer moms and others who want clean music for their kids."
by Baha May 27, 2005
All Ducks live on the Moon...
They die on the sun...
They put them in the rocket and send them to the sun!
Ducks kick ass! They live on the Moon with the cows!
by Baha November 03, 2004
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