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A Sexual deviant who can only get off while masturbating to pictures of Pugs.
The judge at the dog show was caught in the men's room masturbating to pictures of pugs. Ever since then, he has been known as the PUG TUGGER!!
by bagizba August 01, 2009
The odor and sticky sweat emitted from a person or persons detoxing from alcohol.
I drank so much tequila last night that my KRAND smelled like the crapper on a fishing boat.
by Bagizba February 19, 2009
A pet name for a sticky Load Wearing Whore!
My wife was a lot more fun when she was just my Load Wearer!
by bagizba May 10, 2009
Frominda cheese is basically a vaginal yeast infection. Cheese frominda pussy if you will.
The stripper at my friends bachelor was so street-nasty , that she had frominda cheese so foul that our guest of honor vomited all over her!!
by bagizba May 05, 2009
A want to be athlete who's life revolves around ESPN.
Virtually all men are ESPN-ERD's at heart.
by BaGizba April 23, 2009
Boarclit refers to the clitoris of a wild boar.
This chicken tastes like boarclit!
by bagizba May 05, 2009
A game usually played by insomniacs. First, take way too many Melatonin, then masturbate vigorously! Either way ..YOU WIN!!!
I had so much trouble falling asleep last night, that I had to have a "best of seven" Melatuggin match.
by bagizba May 10, 2009

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