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3 definitions by bag o douche

A verb used to describe what a person is doing when he/she is watching television, using the phone, and surfing the internet all at the same time.
Guy: Hey buddy i have a question for you.
Woman: Shut up he's televisiphonernetting
Guy: Thats pretty crucial.
Woman: Yea it is.
by bag o douche August 20, 2007
Its a noun used to describe the internet and the television. Usually used to describe a popular video or something along those lines.
Guy 1: Hey have you heard "Chocolate Rain" by Tay Zonday?
Guy 2: Of course I have! Everyone has heard that song, its all over the intervision.
by bag o douche September 20, 2007
Post Vacation Depression. That feeling that you have for about a week after you get home from vacation where you're all sad because you're not on vacation anymore. You don't want to do anything except sit there and go, "Man. I wish i was still on vacation." and reminisce about your vacation even though you just got back. And sometimes you go, "Hmmm what was i doing a week ago right at this time." Then you have become mentally engaged in an intense thinking session while trying to remember wat you did last week at that exact time while on vacation. You then keep doing this little memory game for a good two weeks, at which time your PVD is beginning to ween away as your mind and body become engaged in a completely different subject, whether it be happy or sad. Kinda like when Bioshock or Halo 3 comes out, thats when nobody will care about anything else!!!!
Guy 1 : Dude I wish we were still on vacation. It was so fun.
Guy 2 : I know. Hey wat were we doing right now one week ago?
Guy 1 : um lets see. its 5:14 right now. O yea we were riding the Hulk!
Guy 3 : You guys are suffering from PVD.
Guy 2 : Shut the flip up guy 3. Youre such a d-bag!
Guy 4 : ouch that was pretty crucial guy 2.
Guy 5 : Shut up im playing Halo 3.
by bag o douche August 20, 2007