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10 definitions by badwick tsuraide

To be like an emo,
only not totally emo yet
-"That dude's not emo"
-"Yeah, he is"
-"No, he's emish"
by Badwick Tsuraide May 08, 2006
24 11
(Pronounced Skate-Mo)

A skater that goes emo,
but can't give up skateboarding
Fred said "Was that an emo on a skateboard?"
Jack said "No, it was some skatemo dude"
by Badwick Tsuraide May 08, 2006
42 31
Short for "I don't judge"
used when someone asks you if something bugs you
or freaks you out
>Dude, she smokes, doesn't that turn you off?
by Badwick Tsuraide July 24, 2006
18 8
To ninja;To show talent of a ninja;
To use a large amount of ninjaness
Did you see that guy, he was totally ninja-ing
by Badwick Tsuraide May 05, 2006
12 3
A Leprechaun of Mexican descent or with Mexican traits
or tendencies
The Mexichaun told me,
"Agarre mi burritos, ellos son mágicamente deliciosos!"
by Badwick Tsuraide June 07, 2006
13 7
Hospital code for a fire,
used instead of announcing fire
so patients don't panic

(Dr. Blaze to the east wing means
there is a fire in the east wing)
Dr. Blaze to the ER;
Dr. Blaze to the east wing
by Badwick Tsuraide July 21, 2006
6 1
The best topping combo for Pizza, as seen by Crazy Eyes
"peanut butter and gumballs, good combo"
by Badwick Tsuraide July 19, 2006
13 11