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Having an orgasm from anal sex or anal play. Comes from the chocolate starfish nickname given to the asshole.
My girl enjoys anal so much, she stargasms everytime we do it.
by badkarma927 October 02, 2006
Something extremely difficult/tough or physically rugged and unbreakable.

Can be used to for both physical and mental descriptions.
ex 1:
Dave: Damn, I think I failed that test man, it was cockhard!
Ray: No, you're just stupid.

ex 2:
Dave: My shoulder hurts ever since you body-slammed me on that cockhard floor!
by badkarma927 May 17, 2007
Something or someone beyond awesome; crazy, cool, sick, stupid, badass, insane all rolled into one.
Ray: Man, that movie was awesome!
Dave: Hell yeah, it was coolsick!
by badkarma927 May 17, 2007
Beyond ugly, beyond fucking ugly, it's REally FUcking UGLY
Ray: Damn, that chick is ugly!
Dave: Naw man, she's REFUGLY!!
Ray: True.
by badkarma927 May 17, 2007
Short for Photographer, a term that most photographers find insulting due to it's close sounding pronunciation to 'tard'.
I'm getting some photos shot today, I met this new tog and he's really good!
by badkarma927 May 17, 2007

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