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To clean naked.
I had no clothes left whatsoever, so I had to do my cleaning and laundry in my Dutch Maid Outfit
by badgrammir February 19, 2009
Another name for Strip Joint.
I checked out the muff pad last night, and the ladies were all over the place.
by badgrammir February 06, 2009
Someone who's having a craving to post a new tweet on Twitter.
Ooooh, what you did just gave me an idea! I totally have a Tweet tooth now!
by badgrammir July 23, 2009
Combination of a 'stache and soul patch. Pronounced as "Stole patch"
Everyone these days seem to be growing a Stoul Patch.
by badgrammir July 26, 2012
When the Air Conditioning in the office is not quite set right, where it's so cold you're forced to put on a sweater to hide your protruding nipples.
It was so cold today at work, I had a bad case of the Office Nips. I felt like everyone was staring at them..!
by badgrammir June 16, 2009
When a "Bro" is being preposterous.
"These 'Bro' words are getting outta hand, it's kinda broposterous."
by badgrammir August 17, 2012
Train Wreck In Training
See the pictures of so-and-so's 9 yr old sister's stripper boots? She's a TWIT.
by badgrammir October 26, 2009
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