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2 definitions by badboysouth770

When a guy is over 18 and can't get a girl his age so he goes after someone who is below 18 that is way out of his league but he smuthers her until she turns 18 then he marries her. Normally these guys have very little if any game, and there is at least a 5 year age difference.
Mark started investment dating Angie when she was 14 and he was 21!
by badboysouth770 September 01, 2009
Gwinnett County, GA. The county northeast of Atlanta, GA (the New York of the south). The part of Atlanta that is the most like Brooklyn. The most diverse and populated county of the Atlanta subarbs. Home of many, many New Yorkers, and lots of other people from around the world.
Only in Brooklyn South this would happen.
by badboysouth770 August 12, 2009