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in this town you will not meet someone who's house is worth less than 1 million dollars-not even at public school. most of us smoke weed and all of us drink up a storm. we all have mexicans to do our gardening, and housekeepers to clean our gigantic homes. most of us have more than one home, more than three cars, and at least one country club membership. gala benifets occur so often if it unbelivable. the high school parking lot looks like the parking lot at a 5 star hotel, and if you don't own a polo shirt, then you are considered poor. you are also considered poor if you don't belong to any clubs.
Greenwich is a bubble, and it will never break
by badassprep June 02, 2005
stamford is the biggest ghetto in fairfield county. we can't stand it when dumb mexicans and blacks come into greenwich from stamford to bother us. they just know that they are too poor to afford greenwich real estate. half of this town is white, and there are no country clubs in this town. everyone is poor, and there are stabbings and shootings at the public schools almost every week.
Stamford is really ghetto, and everyone their dresses wierd.
by badassprep June 02, 2005
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