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Emo (or emotional punk) is a subculture of mostly teenagers from white middle class suburbia, who claim that their life is hard and nobody understands them.

They wear mostly black but will often wear other stange items such as elmo backpacks (whilst crossing out the 'l'), or spiderman keychains. Emos often style their hair in rediculous fashions that can take hours to create.

Emo's constantly whinge and whine about how hard their life is and how everyone looks down on them but don't realise that they make their lives hard by acting this way and dressing like that makes people look down on them.

Emo's need to wake up to themselves and realise many people have it so-so-so-so-so-so much worse. I'm sure half of the Congo would give all 4 limbs to be in white middle class suburbia.
emo people: My chemical romance, Perez Hilton, Lady Gaga
by badass911 June 19, 2010

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