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A slight variation of the dizzy "fuck stick" who has a foggy and misconstrued conception of the world they live in. This witless skank hole has a combined social intelligence of an earthworm and a McDonald's milkshake. She routinely placates others with her kookaburra-esque juvenile laughter mixed with volumes of gratuitous sunshine up her subject's ass.
That dizzy cunt stick goes round and round more than the rides at Disney.

If I have to hear that dizzy cunt stick's bogus cackle once more today,I'm going to pour scalding water on her nu-nu's.

I sure do enjoy it when that dizzy cunt stick speaks, giving me a hefty dose of her stupidity and verifing the fact that she has the IQ level of a fucking peanut.
by bad dawg November 19, 2004
The most insulting of all twat insults...a raunchy, rancid two faced whore that feels the world owes her raw screaming orgasms of gratitude and doesn't think her own soggy, vapid flaps stink after she fucks everyone over.
His clean calvins were oozing in stench after that Junk Yard Twat worked his leg.
by bad dawg November 15, 2004
An overused, rancid and smelly whore that needs constant stroking and feels the world owes her red carpets and royal capes, never thinking that her own sloppy, vapid flaps stink after she fucks everyone over.
When she finished spouting her grandeurous illusions, the musty scent of lingering junk yard cooter filled the air.
by bad dawg November 15, 2004
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