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for all you WHITE MOFO'S up in this mug knowhwatimsayinfoo?:

the literal translation of this truncated interjection simply reads " shit isn't it" however, used in its abstract form it holds little significance and cultural relevance as an exclamatory device. Within the context of a meaningful sentence however, the term " shiznit" becomes value, for example; the term is usually used in conjunction with the fragmented term " that is the ( shiznit)" or " it is the ( shiznit)". this word also works with other terms and sentences which denote a reference or explanation of a noun.

for all you black mofo's up in dis mug KNOWHWATIMSAYIINNN?:

yea you know, its like when something is THE SHIT, its the SHIZNIT and instead of saying like ITS THE SHIT ISNT IT we just cut that shit down and say THAT IS THE SHIZNIT. and the shit is the SHIT so the shiznit has the equal oppurtunity of being the SHIT KNOWHATIMSAYIN YOU CRAZY ASS MOFO'S????
that is the SHIZNIT
by bad boy Eli B son yo yo January 27, 2004

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