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The breaded chicken with a girl who is on her period or bleeding from her vagina (breaded chicken and marinara sauce). Specifically, while having sex on the beach, a man dips his wet penis in the sand and reinserts it into his partner. Deemed the "the chicken parm" when he either continues fucking her until she begins bleeding, or is on her period at the same time as intercourse.
I fucked her as hard as I could with sand on my dick; good thing she was Italian because I she got the chicken parmigiana!
by bad bad dlo brown April 10, 2010
The proper name for the "alligator fuckhouse" sex act. During intercourse (vaginal/anal) when nearing climax, either partner latches onto the other with their teeth, upon their neck or shoulder and proceeds to death roll with their significant other. Usually rolling off the bed while maintaining penetration, this can be very satisfying for each as the depth of insertion increases significantly.
Things got wild the other night, and she pulled a pulled a Crocodile Dundee on me; bitch pulled me onto the floor, and bruised my hip.
by bad bad dlo brown April 10, 2010
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