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There was a popular song in the 1940's that asked this question: How do you like your eggs fried or boiled?

There was also an advert in the UK during the 1970's that asked the same thing.

man : How do you like your eggs, fried or boiled?
woman: Fertilised !
#fried or boiled #fried #boiled #egg #eggs #fertilised #fertilized #spermed
by backdoortrojan May 06, 2008
The term: Beaver Sharp is used to denote someone who instinctively knows how to get a woman into bed on the first date - A man who always scores with women and is a romancer, a dancer, a cunning player, whatever it takes.
man A: Man you aint that good looking but you always pull, how
man B: well I guess thats coz I must be beaver sharp
#beaver sharp #vag happy #vagina #beaver #beever sharp #cunnilingus
by backdoortrojan May 06, 2008
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