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1 definition by babylon lover

There is specific criteria that must be followed in order for boobs to be qualified as babylons:
1.) The boobs must be between D's and double D's
2.) They must have good nnipples, no pimples, hair, or pancake nipples, also the pizza tit can never be qualified as a babylon
3.) They must be firm, that means with no bra they hold their own.
4.) Now for the dilemma are fake boobs babylons. NEVER, babylons are a state in which cannot be achieved but given at birth.
5.) Stretch marks are a nono.
6.)Texture is crucial, they cannot feel like crumpled up paper or bags of sand.
7.) Also overall appearance besides the babylons must be good, such as facial features, physique, teeth, hair(flowing)
An example of Babylons is my friend Amanda, while my other friend Jenna has dece boobs but is lacking the physique.
by babylon lover November 19, 2006