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a gentleman with a particular fondness for the ladies of Delta Delta Delta, whose mascot is the dolphin. Often but not limited to the gentlemen of Sigma Chi and Kappa Alpha.
God, Mike is a real dolphin slayer - he's killin those tridelts like a tuna fisherman.
by babydolphin June 08, 2012
Anny is a BAD bitch. She's usually blonde, tall, and has a bangin body. Annys care about other people more than they do themselves. If anyone tries to mess with the people Anny loves, the caring side of her leaves, and the claws come out. Annys know how to throw a good punch too, but they have other more subtle ways of getting their revenge. Anny is pretty much a pornstar in bed, but doesn't make it obvious unless you're lucky enough to find out for yourself. Anny as a girlfriend will love you unconditionally, respect you, and tell you all the time how much you mean to her. Anny is the perfect friend, because she will defend you till the end and always have one eye out for you.
Oh her name is Anny? Damn, I'd watch out for that bitch if I were you.
by BABYDOLPHIN November 10, 2010

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