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2 definitions by babycheer09

grls who take time n effort to learn things work out to keep there shape n strength to lift other grls in the air guys also r cheerleaders not all grls
cheerleaders arnt always slutty popular or bitchy most are very nice n are tryin to support there team
theses grls work hard to do wat thy do n it is hard its almost lik bootcamp u train urself to b respectable in everyway
and lik everyone else as hard as it seems most of thm arnt rich and thy go through harder tmes thn most u wouldt want to b thought as slutty or a bitch
u wrk everyday in skool to prepare 4 a test these amazin grls wrk hard 4 competions n showing thy rnt a regular cheerleader
by babycheer09 August 21, 2005
grls who r tryin to cheer on teams not all r slutty rich bitchy or popular thy are very nice once u look around the steriotype of thm thy are human lik everyone else we work hard 4 wat we do
some grls cant pay to go to comp yes u have to pay it isnt free boated some have b/fs n stay tru sme do cheerleadin to make friends cause thy arnt popular n yes we all have our bitchy moments but reall y we r nice pepole
by babycheer09 August 21, 2005