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immature boys who may be younger or older then you and think its cool to be a dick. they are usually ugly or unpopular and try to act tough on the internet but when you really get to know them they act all nice sweet and kind then BAM back to the dick phase. they think therye hot shit when they act dickish with there friends but really there just making it worse for them. they think they can get any girl in bed, when really they can only get lonely desperate sluts who are sadly misguided. most of them have chodes, and act like man whores but are deep down prude. dont fuck with them or theyll get there parents on your ass or get there 'older brother' on you, since they cant fight worth shit.
immatue guys.
guy; hey babe wanna get it on ?
gurl; UH NO ya queef bag!
by babybaby12 February 18, 2010
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