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A very uncommon but special boys name. The name Lynton is very traditional in origin being of Old English decent. Although the name is traditional Lyntons' tend to be very spontanious and fun

Impression of the name:
Based on research, most people would imagine a person with the name Lynton to be: Scholar and booklover.

Although Lyntons' do love to read, Lyntons' also have a very flamboyant and out-going nature which attracts many people just because Lyntons' are just that cool!

They cherish thier friends and family, thrive on adventure and practical jokes are one of thier favourites

Lyntons' are very charismatic and if energy along with charisma are channeled constructively Lyntons' can achieve anything they put thier mind to, they are bound to be successful and brilliant at everything they do.
person 1: Have you met my amazing friend Lynton?

person 2: No I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting him, where is he from?

person 3: Australia!
by baby_gurl_jes March 17, 2011
A Naked Hut is an affectionate name for a room that you had or have alot of great sex in!

It is a very versitile expression as traditionally this room is thatched and it is usuallly in a secluded area away from technology and distraction.

Recent studies have shown that naked huts can be anywhere as long as there is a roof and walls.

The only real thing to remember with this expression is that the room has to belong to you or the person you are sleeping with ei a hotel room is not a naked hut unless of course you live there
Boy calls girl: Hey what you doing?

Girl: Just sitting at home

Boy: oooh the naked hut

Girl: Yes:)
by baby_gurl_jes March 17, 2011

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