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The "Door Close" button on an elevator - it seems to be there only as a joke; when you push it, nothing happens.
She always hit the ha-ha button in the elevator, just for laughs
by BabyA December 09, 2005
Testicles, balls; often used to describe something negatively.
Man, that movie sucked big fat hairy smelly crotch rocks.
by BabyA December 09, 2005
Acronym for I Want You HardCore
IWYHC on the floor right now!
by BabyA December 09, 2005
to be limp or lazy; apathetic.
She laid there like bin lettuce while getting fucked.
by babyA December 03, 2005
thin paper rings used to line toilet seats in public loos for sanitation, named jokingly.
She came out of the bathroom stall with a bibs for shit eaters around her neck and a brownie stuck in her teeth.
by BabyA December 09, 2005
the clitoris, as it refers to the clitoral hood (fleshy covering)
I love a fuckin' hooded rat; that's a fact - Juvenile
by babyA December 03, 2005
a soup, usually cream of mushroom or cream of chicken soup, typically used as a fattening agent with rice or noodles in hotdishes.
Mary: "This casserole is delicious! What's in it?"
Joseph: "I use a bag of tatertots and a can of cream of fatass to top it all off."
Mary: "eeww!"
by babyA December 11, 2005

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