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da mutha fuckin police
"da 5-0 be doin hella much. dey b tryna get hyphy"
by baby gurl lia May 03, 2006
to get sucked up by a female dat dont mean shit 2 u
dat bitch said she was gon boss me up after skool.she boss up every1
by baby gurl lia May 03, 2006
basically a hoe that a pimp got in check
pimp-dats my freak on a leash.she da good hoe
by baby gurl lia May 03, 2006
wen u hittin it frm da back,wrap ur arms around her stomack adn whisper in her ear, "I've got aids" & c how long u can hold on
i tried da rodeo on dat hoe last nite.she got up dumass quik.
by baby gurl lia May 05, 2006
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