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2 definitions by babarann

verb -- to withdraw a job offer prior to the start date of the job; to fire a potential employee in advance of actual employment
For no apparent reason, Cindy was unhired three days before her new job was to begin.
by babarann August 10, 2010
awful to the extreme; the worst ever; having the utmost in awful qualities; more impactful than "most awful"

superlative of <awfull> awfull, awfuller, awfullest

synonyms: <horriblest>, <worstest>, disgustingest

antonyms: <bestest>; <wonderfulest>
"I just made the awfullest brownies ever...no matter how many times I taste them!!" sighed Nancy, as she prepared to try just one more bite.
by babarann January 15, 2011