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29 definitions by bLaZeD

The chronic, bud, weed. Use sparingly
I once smoked so much i forgot where i was.
by Blazed July 20, 2004
40 38
this is a very tough breaker move! it looks like you are going for a '90, but instead of closing your legs you keep them wide open, like a "v". when you are in the handstand(with alot of speed) you through your legs 45 degreez further then your uperbody is, when you get to that, your uper body follows, and you through your upper body up, following your legs, , by then your upper body made a 360 degreez before your legs have.
cant really say an example
by blazed December 09, 2004
1 1
a breaker move like the cricket except instead of bouncing from hand to hand you have your elbows in your gut and your spining in a circle by slightly raising your hand shifting if and puting it back down. keep dooing this from hand to hand until you've gone around in a complete cirle
turtles are easy to do as long as you can hold the freeze.
by blazed December 16, 2004
18 19
The legs are also in a "V" shape and this time the legs are thrown around the arms as the bboy is always on his hands, never on the floor.
a flare is specificaly when your legs are spread in a "V"
by blazed December 09, 2004
4 5
a specific 6 steps in foot work or downrock when breakdancing
6-step is a basic in breaking
by blazed December 07, 2004
3 4
a breaker move like the turtle except you bounce back and fourth from hand to hand instead of just lifting and shifting.
a cricket is alot harder then the turtle
by blazed December 15, 2004
8 12
It means some really really good pot. wheelchair weed, one hitter quiter, whatever you wanna call it. Its Fire.
Dude, i got some firey ass bud last night.
by blazed December 03, 2004
12 16