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a breaker move where you stand on your head and essentially spin around. This is done without hands however you can use your hands and its a variation called a drill press.
i once got a hemorage in my brain from doing a head spin wrong.
by blazed December 07, 2004
a breaker move much like the windmill but instead of your leggs being extended in a "V" shape you have them tucked into your body.
munchmills are hard as hell
by blazed December 07, 2004
Its a basketball player, mugsey bogues. Played for the hornets back in the day. Itty bitty nigga too.
Mugsey cant jam that shit.
by blazed December 01, 2004
would be balancing on one hand taking your other hand and lifting it off the ground and back on it and pushing making you spin. some people will put a long sleeve (or at some dances a santa hat) down so it cause less friction.
a hand glide is fucking frustraiting to get down
by blazed December 09, 2004
anything done (besides freezes and powermoves) not staning in breakdancing
everyone got their own style of downrock
by blazed December 07, 2004
Its short for, To All My Niggaz That Didnt Make It. And if you dont know what that means or when to do it the your a fool.
To all my niggaz that didnt make it, Rest in peace.
by blazed December 01, 2004
The chronic, bud, weed. Use sparingly
I once smoked so much i forgot where i was.
by Blazed July 20, 2004

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