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1 definition by bKLynnnnn

The most douchebag car out on the current market. Many younger males which possess a BMW 3 series feel empowered and cool. When an individual is driving one, they are usually have their right hand at 12 oclock with seat all the way back, leaning towards the window and wearing sunglasses. At any given moment the driver will stomp on the throttle to obtain the perception and being fast and awesome; when in reality they are just assholes.
Guy 1: Lol, look at that kid in the bimmer.

Guy 2: You hear the music he's blasting, rofl.

3 Series Driver: (floors the car from red light and causes a burnout going nowhere)

Guy 1&2: Wadda dick lmfao.
by bKLynnnnn November 06, 2009