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1. A gas giant (sometimes also known as a Jovian planet after the planet Jupiter, or giant planet) is a large planet that is not primarily composed of rock or other solid matter.
2. A fat person who farts a lot.
1. Uranus is a gas giant
2. Your mum is a gas giant
by bIMON August 26, 2011
A state of mind where a person is completely unaware of his or her surrounding, because he or she is too busy eating something insanely delicious.
When waking up from food blackout, you will often realize that you have been eating like a complete pig for several minutes, but despite of having dusins of people starring at you with disgusted looks, you are mostly just sad that a large ammount of the food you were eating is now gone.
Person A: "Dude, you´re like half way through your meal, and I havent even gotten my food yet!"
Person B: "OM NOM NOM!"
Person A: "DUDE!!!"
Person B: "What!?! Oh, Sorry I had food blackout."
by bIMON June 03, 2011
Probably the worlds most obvious invitation to sex. Used when the individuals who are to engage in the proposed intercourse originate from different countries, cultures, or ethnicities, and therefore have different native languages.
Meili: Maybe one of these days you can teach me some of your language, and I can teach you my language.
Sven: ITS ON!
Wolfgang: When we´ve finished these beers, we can go to my place, and I can teach you my language.
Conzuella: ITS ON!
Rachel: Tonight, swing by my dorm, I can teach you my language, bring wine and condoms.
Vlad: ITS ON!
by bIMON May 08, 2011
A person who use "thats what she said" jokes too often. Clearly this person must have been the only one to say the quotes that he or she claims "she" said.
Joe: Come on in.
John: Thats what she said.

Kate: Do you want some dip?
John: Thats what she said.

Colleen: Would you like to go have sex in the bathroom?
John: Thats what she said

Bill: Im starting to think she is John...
by bIMON May 09, 2011

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