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One of the best songs ever written. Revolution number 9 is a strange piece by The Beatles on their White Album. Along with I Am The Walrus, it has some of the strangest lyrics in The Beatles History, such as "As time passes, he knew he would grow a little bit older and get a little bit slower," and "Take this, brother, may it serve you well." Started many of the infamous "Paul is dead" rumours. It consists of mainly tapes cut and played backwards accompanied by an unidentified voice saying "Number 9" repeatedly in the background. One way that one of these rumours started was when everyone realized that there were many "refferences to death" in this song- and that paul did not work on it at all. Paul presumably died in a car crash at five o'clock on a wednesday morning, and another feature of this song was the inclusion of the sound of a car skidding and then crashing, with paul crying out in pain afterwards. As strange as this seems, this song was created by John Lennon to try to create the visual effects of a revolution through music. The song is very famous for being the most bizarre and longest piece the beatles ever wrote.
After people played Revolution 9 backwards, somehow, the words "turn me on dead men" convinced people that paul mccartney has died from a car crash.
by b00y0u March 23, 2012

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