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when you get a girl to allow 7 men to have relations with her at once. she participates in fellaio, anal and vaginal intercourse, two hand jobs, a foot fuck, and tit fuck simultaneously. THE ULTIMATE POSSIBLE GANG BANG IMAGINABLE.
1)"...dude, i heard that girl was in Tha Stigmata...,"..."...wow, she must be awesome..."
2)"man, i was rockin' the foot pussy on that stigmata last night..."..."man, maybe next time you'll get the tits, or a handjob..."
by b.ximenez January 19, 2008
occurs when you have vaginal intercourse while a girl is active in her menstrual cycle, pull out when you are near orgasm, and then proceed to ejaculate in her mouth. the cream filling resembling a strawberry-creme pastry.
"...dude, i gave her a strawberry shortcake version 2 last night!"..."man, when is she going to be off her rag?"
by b.ximenez January 19, 2008
in reference to Pulp Fiction, a juice box refers to what is normally referred to as a square, since a normal minute maid juice box is "square",(i know its "rectangular", but if you have seen Pulp Fiction, it works)
"...man, that nigga is bein' a damn juice-box..."..."yeah, he's acting all square, an' shit..."
by b.ximenez January 19, 2008
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