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a prep.

is not a bad person. its just a label. just like goth jock skater and emo are labels.

a prep person is usually...


im not gonna list what they are or do. Cause not all preps ARE what most stereotypes say they are.


i AM a prep.

and i hang around preppy people. BUT i also have emo goth skater and all other kinds of friends i chill with.

for me a prep can be :

high tempo; bubbly; OR depressed; naturally cool.

wear pink all he time like OMG!; wear all colors. even dun dun dun...BLACK!

play sports like soccer lacrosse or field hockey; dont play sports at all.

there are ALL types of preps. preps at YOUR school may be different from preps at another school. so yo can't hate them all.
not know anything loser: ugh. those friggin preps and there hollister piss me off...

prep: you know..i shop at hot topic too right?!
by b..? February 28, 2008

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